Why use PSA?

For several good reasons:

   With the growing of the brick pavers and stone industry, a new crop of installers have completed their basic installation classes and gotten their certifications, but this fact alone does not mean they are a trustable contractor or good installer.

   It takes years and years of experience to be a true professional brick paver and retaining wall installer.  Lots of so called paver installers come from landscape companies that saw an opportunity to capitalize on this segment, but they are for profit only!  They might do very small projects integrated with their landscape work, but by no means do they understand the fundamentals of soil compaction, proper drainage, paver cutting and leveling.

   PSA is the best brick pavers contractors in the state of Alabama, and one of the best in the entire USA.  We offer a two year warranty in all our paver, stone, and wall jobs.

   We establish a relationship with our clients.  We listen to their ideas and try hard to perform the best job that suits their design or their budget.  We are always reachable, ALWAYS.

   We have done so many jobs (over 3300),  We feel that makes us true experts at it, honestly.

   So please give us a call for a free estimate.  Satisfaction guaranteed!